Friday, June 22, 2012

Germany. Day 4 and 5

 "you go first."
" go first."
 we were like this  every morning.

after wechecked out from our hostel we start our journey to Frankfurt from Munich.

we stopped for a cup of coffee. actually, that was our original plan. however. we ended up having Tom Yam and rice too. my big tummy. :D

"guys, seriously? Tom Yam in Germany? we are going back to Malaysia next week!"
"you can have something else if you want."

no, she had tom yam too. ;)

vegetarian tom yam.

 we even had dessert there. pulut pisang. it looked a bit weird but it's nice. or we'r just too hungry. -.-'

tengah-tengah highway tiba-tiba muncul restaurant Thai. Asians, we can survive everywhere.

 we stopped at Koblanz which is  a  small town  and 1 hour from Frankfurt. since we arrived there at  8 p.m, there's nothing much to do there. it's a small and pretty town along  Rhine Valley.

Day 5 : we went to Berlin from Frankfurt early in the morning. Nabilah and Syamim  flew to London from Berlin on the next day while the rest of us spent 2 days in Berlin.

on the way to Berlin, as usual, we needed fooooood. we were in the 'balas dendam' phase, (because we did not really eat during the exam weeks) so yeah, we ate a lot.

 my vegetarian burger.

 i LOVE flower field there.


car cleanliness is very important, oqeh?

 along the journey, we saw this
 and this
 and this
 and when i turned right, i saw this 'view'.  -.-'  shanaz, peace!
we saw this. finally, we'r in Berlin!! after we checked in,( and changed my pants), we went to see Berlin City.

The Berlin Wall.

and the next day, at 4 a.m, Syamim and Nabilah left Berlin for London.

something funny happened. the next morning,  we couldn't find our toothpaste . so, i went out to find toothpaste (without brushing my teeth. i know..-.-') at nearest shop. when i was crossing the road, there was this one  man who happened to sip his morning tea or coffee at the other side of the road and he  shouted at me,
" Go back to your f****** Arab country!"

 "dude, i'm not from there.why should i go back there?"

"oh really? can i buy you coffee?"


p.s: my nephew can't stop singing JB's song. what happened to twinkle-twinkle little star? or Barney and Friends show? while,my niece starts to learn to play piano and guitar. What happened to Barbie Dolls? my nephew is not even 2 years old and my niece is 5 years old. -.-'
ok, i should start packing now. and i hate it.

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