Wednesday, June 20, 2012

life is like ECG

i was talking to my friend on phone for hours (i didn't go out and talking to human beings  face-to face except my parents for days now. it's really 'summer' outside. so, i socialize through phone and internet). she called me right after she read my previous post just to ask if everything is fine or not. being me, i don't really talk about my problem to other people ( i gave my shrink hard time because of this. Oh God, i'm talking about my shrink again. i usually hate don't like him. trust me). anyway, she did say something like this,

"i know you have a trust issue and you don't really share your problem but hey, many people care about you. stop punishing yourself! Ok listen, life has its ups and downs. you know, just like ECG. if it becomes flat, it means you are dead. not necessarily laaa but ah, you know what i mean,right? "

life is like ECG? medical student. -.-' we spent half of semester learning about ECG and it's hard. heart is such a complex organ! i hope one day someone will come out with simpler technique. anyway, if life is like ECG, i think i'm having tachycardia now and  the main cause of sudden death is tachycardia (ventricular). -.-'

ok, enough about medical stuff. i'm having my summer break. *put my shades on*

thank you for calling me,anyway. you know who you are.

p.s: tomorrow i'm going to meet someone from jabatan agama islam for our project. so, hello Mr. Sun. please don't be so bright.

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