Tuesday, November 17, 2015

of The Script and Dublin

I was listening to The Script's Science and Faith album and suddenly burst into tears. Crazy pregnancy hormone plus The Script reminds me of Dublin. My second home. Then, suddenly the wet, gloomy and cold weather of Dublin hit me. Okay, nope, thanks.  I bet it's already winter there. But oh oh the pretty Christmas tree on the Grafton street and the colourful Christmas light all over Dublin City. Dublin is sooooo pretty during Christmas albeit it's hormonal weather (not so much different from my mood right now).

Anyway, try to listen to this song while you are pregnant and not crying...heh.

Oh yeah 80 days to go if she wants to stay for the longest time. 

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Leng Chai said...

the weather is really horrible right now. rainy and gloomy almost everyday plus there are storms lately. some areas got shutdown due to the storm