Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Light writing 7 - Vienna, the musical city.

So I finished my interview last week and Alhamdulillah it went well. They asked me about dengue from its pathogenesis to shock management (including the dose of fluid at different stages). KKM takes dengue fever very seriously (it kills thousands of people in Malaysia each year). I shall write in another post about the process to apply for HO position in Malaysia especially for those who are studying in Ireland or Uk. Better to know all the process earlier to avoid headache later on. Plus, sharing is caring, no?

Anyway, where were we? Yeah after Prague, we went to Vienna by train. The journey took 3 hours from Prague to Vienna. That was my second time in Vienna. I went there alone in 2013 during my spring break. So, I did not expect much. We arrived at Vienna main station around 12 pm and we took another train to our hotel. 

After checking in, the first place we went was Die Wiener Deewan restaurant. It is an halal restaurant and what really interesting about this place is, you can eat as much as you want and pay as much as you want too! For those who watch 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropah ( it is an Indonesian movie), you should know this restaurant. My friend, Raja, who is studying in Prague told me to go to eat here. The food is good as they served lamb briyani ( my fav briyani) and like I said the price is totally up to you but come on they do this for charity so don't be so cheapskate, ok? We went there twice. haha! In case, you are planning to go to Vienna and want to eat halal Pakistani food ( and love cheap lamb briyani), the nearest metro station is U2 Schottentor.  No need to find McD and eat their oily fish burger and fries.

muka high sebab kenyang

After that, we went to Maria-Theresian-Platz. It is basically a public square that has two museums, facing each other. Since I had been to both of the museums when I visited Vienna for the first time and my husband is not really a museum freak like me ( call me nerd but I loooove museums), so we decided to just chill out, taking pictures at the square.

This is the The Rathaus or Vienna City Hall. I think it is the most beautiful building in Vienna with Neo-Gothic style. Can you appreciate that? We did not go in but I heard its interior design is  very pretty.

This is Hofburg Palace. You can actually just walk from Maria-Theresian-Platz to here. I mean you just have to cross the road. It used to be royal winter residence and now it becomes museums.

One does not simply go to Vienna without enjoying at least one Austrian classic orchestra concert. I love classic musics. It all started when I stop listening to my mp3. I used to listen to all sort of songs almost all the times like when I cook, study, mandi, jogging, walking, on the bus. One day, I realised whenever I tried to concentrate doing serious stuff, my mind keeps playing the songs and even worse during solat as well. I feel so guilty and my housemate suggested me to listen to piano or classics orchestra instead of listen to anything with lyrics. Since then, I did not touch my mp3 and deleted all the songs in my iPhone. Alhamdulillah I can focus when I really need to focus and bila solat pun dah tak tengiang-ngiang lagu Coldplay. Itu yang penting. heh. Anyway, my husband decided to buy us tickets to an orchestra concert because he started to notice my growing interest into orchestra-ish music (his words). 

I cannot just stare at this random pakcik without taking his picture.heh.

Before the concert, we decided to go to a quite famous cafe here. Very classy and pretty cafe called Griensteidl Cafe which was opened since 1847. Due to its location and history many artists and musicians used to come here to enjoy their coffee. 

Oh see that couple? They were discussing about metaphysics theory and the existence of God. Meanwhile we were sitting there just look around and had a conversation like 'oh this tea is quite good. How's your coffee, honey? You need more sugar? Hmm.. the scones look good too, no?' Felt so 'smart'. -.-'

The 2-hour concert was amazing and worth every single euro. Since the concert, my husband seems to love orchestra too! After that, we went back to our hotel. It was already 10 pm. The Vienna city at night is quite pretty. At first, we planned to just walk to our hotel because we were still moved by the orchestra music and the atmosphere was pretty romantic you know, with pretty lights, classic musics and surrounded with beautiful buildings but suddenly the love-is-in-the-air moment was ruined by heavy rain. Then, being squeezed between tall and huge Austrians in metro seemed like the best idea to go back to our hotel.

The next day, we went to Schonbrunn Palace. Just like many other palace in Europe you are not allowed to take pictures. The ticket to go in is pretty expensive for me. We bought the ticket to visit half of the palace only. If you are willing to pay more then, you can visit the whole palace and their maze which I heard they are pretty cool too.

Then, we went to Salzburg by train. The most comfortable and cheapest train throughout our Europe trip . It only costs 15 euro, free wifi on the train and no need to pay extra to reserve the seat and very bery comfortable. We just bought the tickets at the counter. Easy peasy.

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