Friday, November 6, 2015

Coffee break

Well, after almost 5 months,  I need to get back to my medical books. Need to do some studying before the interview and work. After months of being a 'housewife', I must say it is the hardest job ever. Hugeeee respect to stay at home mom. It is a hard job, I can't deny it. My baby is not born yet but it is really hectic to do all the house chores alone. We live in a double storey house with 4 rooms. The first 2 months after we moved in, I tried to clean all the rooms everyday, you know, dusting, vacuuming, mopping despite of having morning sickness that time. Then my effort reduced to clean two rooms and living room per day. Now, with growing-fast baby (you have no idea how fast baby grows inside you after 16 weeks)  inside me I only able to do laundry, cooking and sleep. It is so exhausting and why does our bedroom need to be upstair, honey? Now, I'm wondering why do I want all-white kitchen, again?  And all-white interior design for our living room too. -.-'
You can't just look at the dust on your white comfy couch without try to clean it and you can't just ignore your white lily flower decoration on your dining table to be covered by dust too. So, I end up cleaning it everyday and it is exhausting. When people come over to our place and say oh, nice house. I like the concept and bla..bla..bla. I cry a bucket while telling them it's freaking hard to keep them white!
 When I got an email saying the interview is in another 2 weeks, I have a mixed feeling. I thought I'm gonna be just happy because I finally have a reason to ignore the dust but somehow a big chunk of me feels sad. It is like ok sh!t just got real. Hospital images, management of this disease and that disease, this drugs and that drugs suddenly running through my mind. These past 4 days, I didn't even check my white lily on the table. Heck, I didn't even read to my unborn sweet baby ( don't judge. That's how I bond with my baby). Now, I'm thinking dusting and vacuuming are more interesting than studying. HAHA! Manusia.
I need a coffee break. Oh wait, I can't take caffein. -.-'

Here are some pictures but they are nothing to do with my rambling today. These picture were taken last winter in Dublin when my friend from Cork came to visit me in Dublin and we decided to do cafe hunting. I thought I need to post them here.

ps: almost update about Vienna but that can wait after the interview and please pray for me.


amir said...

aku kadang2 wonder jugak asal kau buat medic bukan jadi photographer. hahahah

NA said...

weh why so fast?! haha. sebab aku tak ada talent mcm ko mir. bila la boleh joint photography class kau kan?