Monday, November 30, 2015

Joyeux anniversaire et enceinte

So yeah I just turned twenty-five. I mean 4 days ago. Turning twenty-five is a pretty big thing for me since I kinda have a list of things that I should achieve by 25, not 20 or 24 but 25. My mom says being 25 is about being a good person. Dah suku abad. It is time to get really serious with your life, you should know what you want and you don't want. 
It seems like only yesterday when I blew candles on my 20th birthday cake in Dublin which was also my first snowy birthday. Now, I'm 25 and very pregnant! Alhamdulillah, I think I managed to achieve most of my life missions that I should unlock by I'm twenty-five. I could not be happier than now. You know how people say another year older, another year wiser? I totally get it now. Now that I'm 25, I finally realise so many things like how to choose friends wisely and just keep in mind that it is not possible to keep them all and that is totally fine. I also realise how my parents are actually much much cooler than they were when I was 17. I can't be more closer to my mom than now, to be honest. Another important thing that I clearly understand by heart now is, Allah's plan is definitely the best plan for you. I'm a 'planner person'. I plan everything, from A to Z. I have all the list what I should achieve today, tomorrow or even by I'm 30. I  used to get really upset and frustrated if someone or something ruins my plan but I learn along the way that nothing is more superior than God's plan. If you think your life now is not what you imagine it should be, fret not my friends, something super great is waiting for you. Trust me on this.

Anyway, put the serious talk aside, my sweet husband set a treasure hunt for me for my 25th birthday. I did not expect it at all since he seems pretty hopeless when it comes to lovey dovey things.
So, early this year, I told him I want something that  I can match with my favourite handbag. When I said that, I meant a handbag should be matched with a pair of shoes. It was only one time thing and as I thought men do not notice small things (because their brains are engineered to see big and obvious things only),  I assumed he already forgot about that and I did not expect him to remember pun. Surprisingly, he stored that information somewhere in his manly brain and perceived that a  handbag needs a watch and in order to match them, they should come from the same brand. Men's brains can be that complicated, you guys! HAHAHA! You should see his face when I told him it could be just a pair of shoes to match with the handbag. Oh well, you cannot take it back. I guess I will not be getting any birthday presents from him for the next 5 years. heh. 
I somehow love how my man thinks.

He has been extra sweet this year, maybe because I'm carrying his baby. Other than a treasure hunt, he also planned a candlelight dinner after asking me where he should bring me for that. -.-' 
So, he chose to bring me to Floral Kafe in Ampang. It is a quite romantic and pretty place to eat dinner with your loved one. The food is surprisingly good. Their signature menus are traditional Johor food. If you are up for western food, for me this is not the place.

Many people come here to celebrate their partner's bithday, hence, all the balloons.

I'm 25 and very pregnant.

The next day, we went to shop for our baby. I never knew I can be so happy in a Mothercare store. They got end-year sale and I went a bit crazy. My husband keeps reminding me that baby grows very fast and we don't need too many newborn cloths. Now, everything is ready. We only need to get a few more things done and the baby can come out. heee.
Pray for my uneventful pregnancy and labour.

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