Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The wallflower.

Lately, I've been so busy following respiratory team like a puppy ( and more awkward when one of the interns is wearing the same tops as me) in the hospital . If people say interns are the lowest feeder in hospital's food chain, I would say medical students are never exist in the food chain! We are the wallflowers. No one cares. You go find patients on your own (and pray so hard they won't reject you), take their history and if you are lucky, the registrar or SHO will listen to your history presentation. If not you just keep bleeping them until they answer the bleep and say "Run to Cherry Ward now and meet me there." Dan bermula lah episod seram sejuk bersama consultant or registrar or SHO.

Note : only doctors can put their stethoscope on their shoulders.

"Are you sure about your differential diagnosis? How do you want to rule out all of these?"

*muka registrar*

I will be like,

"emm..errr...I..err.. I think.."

"I'm not sure.uhuks. Can we just look at the patient's chart now?"

Oh well, another 2 months of this and I'll be in Malaysia for the summer break. Woooohooooo!

Have a good day, people!


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macam nelydia senrose pun ada.looking good there. see you around!!!

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