Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paris syndrome

When I was having my one month holiday last month, my friend who is in a fashion school in Paris offered me to stay in her apartment while she's in Malaysia. I said no before she finished her sentence. Alone in Paris? Don't get me wrong, I love travelling alone but in Paris? Don't think so (hence, i went to Amsterdam alone). She was quite upset but she can't deny that people there can be pretty harsh as much as people say Paris is the city of love. Irony.
I had  a pretty bad experience while I was in Paris for my summer holiday before. You know the movie Monte Carlo? My friends and I had almost the same experience but not the part when people think Salena Gomez is a British heiress and fly to Monte Carlo. No one paid for our flight to Monte Carlo, unfortunately. *sigh*.  Anyway, today I looked at my Paris pictures and I finally can laugh for whatever we had in Paris. So, Paris, I think I'm ready for you again.

The best photobombing ever!! 

The casts for Paris drama.

P.s : To reply to a comment from anonymous on my previous post, of course I don't mind to share. I got them from different shops. You can try Zara. Their tops are very comfy and loose and pretty. Some of them I bought online when I was in Malaysia ( Happy shopping!

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