Saturday, April 20, 2013

skinny love

I was having my coffee break with my team yesterday. They were talking..well of course medical stuff that made me doze off even with coffee in my hands. The consultant who suddenly noticed me doodling on a paper, asked me about my school.

"So, you came from girl's school?"
"yes, how do you know!?
"I just know. My daughter went to a girl's school in UK and you guys have similarities."

Ah, sudah.

" You always want to look pretty and neat all the times. Matching your shoes with your blouse and scarf,  don't want to eat heavy food because you are afraid of getting fat. Haha, you remind me of my daughter."

I was speechless. Yes, I do wear different pumps depends on my tops color but I never expect a consultant who I see him less than 2 hours everyday would notice that and say it on my face. I just want to look presentable in front of patients. Heh. Looking neat? Maybe because I was not on call last night,sir. Lol.  And yes, I never ordered sandwich during the coffee break with him eventhough he offered to pay for it but that's because all the sandwiches and panini are stuffed with chicken and they are not halal. It's not that I'm afraid of getting fat (huh, trust me on this one!). Well, he did say sorry and laugh when I explained this to him.

 Anyway, talking about girls and food, I eat a lot. No kidding. I have to eat rice for my breakfast. Cereals doesn't work for me. All the girls in my family are food lovers but we don't really gain weight , in facts,we can easily lose weight. My mom is 45 kg since she was 19 and until now she's still 45kg  with 6 children. My sister is always 42kg . She just had her second child last 3 months and on her 36th day of her pantang she can already wear her skinny jeans. And me? Well, I stuck at 38-40 kg. Some people think this is a gift. You can eat whatever you want but you can still wear skinny jeans (but look like a straight cut jeans.grrr!). But hey, our species also got problem maaa. You think it is fun to look like a papan in your wedding dress even after you eat 100 burger bakar and 3 ekor kambing? You think it is fun to wear jeans with belt? Plus, people who hardly gain weight are people who prone to sudden death ( that's why my mom is a control-freak when it comes to food) . Why do people especially girls want to be skinny by starving themselves? Life should not be that hard. Don't go on diet because you want to be skinny. I think betulkan niat dulu. You want to eat less food because you want to be healthy. I think I need to go on diet and exercise too because I keep eating rice with curry lately. Not good for my cholesterol level. Anyhow,I think we just need to be thankful for what Allah gives us.

Stay healthy and have a good weekend!


cahaya kemuliaanku said...

.. nabilah. out of topic.

fabric pump, aka fred perry tu still count as formal attire or not?
ke kne either kulit atau PVC baru formal?

T_T kasut xfabric xselesa for long day in ward. =(

anyway. tahniah. sbb xpnh gain weight. haha =p

NA said...

I wear fred perry jugak sometimes. striking blue lagi. actually, no one cares pun.hahahha. pakai je. asal selesa.

tahniah?? haha

Anonymous said...

i've been observing you and your tops through this blog and your fb a.k.a stalking jugak where did you get all your tops and your pants? they look comfy and pretty. if you don't mind to share...

p.s:i yg pm you kt fb.remember? :)

NA said...

sorry i didnt notice your comment here or did I reply to ur message on fb? sorry i've been very forgetful lately. most of the times, i got it from ZARA or H&M or Primark or fashionvalet (malaysia online shopping).