Thursday, December 27, 2012

The colorful wall and Mr.Wondy.

"Are you still alive?"
"Yes. I'm still alive but not so lively.Why?"
"Nothing but your blog is dying. You need to write something,woman!"

If I don't have time to shop on boxing day, how on earth you think  I have time to update this blog!
hahaha kidding but seriously, I didn't go shopping on boxing day this year.
 Exam, you owe me a boxing-day!

Right now, I'm in the middle of my study week (hell week!) before my semester exam on 14th January. 
Wish me luck!
Doakan saya dan rakan-rakan supaya mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang.

In case, you are wondering what I am actually doing all this while, 

Yeah, that's right, I'm making my own 'wallpaper' with Mr.Wondy ( he is not Jigglipuff!)

Monday, December 17, 2012


Day 17 : On the floor

I found this interesting African proverb on the wet floor of a FatFace store in Bath,UK.
This proverb makes me want to buy a new coat. A bright blue or green one.

P.s: My homeroom teacher is coming to Dublin next week! ^-^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 13,14,15,16 FMSPHOTOADAY

I'm sorry for the inconsistencies in participating this December photo-a-day thing (like people care kan?). Lack of free time is always a better excuse than lack of discipline. So, yeah I don't have many free time lately. Heh.

Day 13 : light

It was one of those crazy nights we had in Dublin. 
After we celebrated Arif's birthday in a French restaurant  ( the food was so good. No wonder they won Michelin Star), we walked to Syamim's house since there were no buses after 11:30 p.m. I usually hate to walk in cold  but it was a fun 20 minutes walk..  On our way , we stopped in front of  this one house just because they have a very nice Christmas tree with colourful light on it and of course we ran after taking this picture.

Day 14 : Something green

You want something green, how about green rice? Actually this is risotto. I had this green risotto in that French restaurant. It may looks yucks but it's so yummy! 

 Day 15: outdoor

Still a photo of that night. Outdoor and it's freaking cold!

Day 16 : something I made

I 'made' Arif a song. You know, something I made for my friend.
No, I don't know how to play a guitar. So, I made it up as if I know how to play a guitar.
Something I made up. heh.

p.s: I always have this problem during winter ; holy lazy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 9.10,11,12 FMSPHOTOADAY

Day 9 :out and about

I rarely buy my lunch at the hospital. So, I always prepare my lunch pack before heading to class everyday. Lately,  I usually have class from 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m back to back, then ,salad with crab sticks,croutons and thousand island dressing are my lunch.  En.wonderwall thinks I misinterpret 'out and about' by choosing this picture. 

Day 10 : under

Being under duvet after having a rough day is the best and worst feeling but hey, keep calm and carry on!


Day 11 : Hat

This was my first St.Patrick parade. Ah, it was a fun day!

Day 12 : sweet

Arif just turned 21 last Monday! As usual, we did a birthday prank. I'll write more about the prank later on. Haha. The prank was a bit mean since it's winter now but come on, you only turn 21 once,dude! Arif will remember his 21st birthday forever!

I'm having backache now. Sleep time. 
Night, Dublin. Morning ,Malaysia!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 7 & 8 FMSPHOTOADAY and Farewell Dinner

Nisa and Izleen texted me last night asking me to update my blog since I haven't post any pictures for Day 7 and 8 for FMSPHOTOADAY. I guess I break the rule of the game. Ah, I'm just not good in any games. -.-'
By the way, we had farewell dinner last Friday night.I tried to write about it since yesterday but I don't know... it's just too sad to write about them leaving me. For those people who don't know, there are two different programs in my medical school. There are twinning program and full course program. I'm in the full course program while Syamim, Shanaz and more than half of Malysians in my batch are doing twinning program. So, our med school organized a farewell dinner for them.  Anyway, let's start with happy things about the dinner!

Ah, my baby finally came out from her box after one year. I only wear them for certain occasions because they are high heels (obviously!) and  you can't chase a bus with high heels every morning. 
Gravity hurts, you know.

I decided to get ready to the dinner at Syamim's place. So this is hers. I know nothing about make up. -.-'

Please play this song while scrolling down. Thank you.

" Ok, this how you apply eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger," Syamim said as if she was doing Youtube tutorial on make up.

An hour before the event, I just knew the color themes which are black,blue and silver. Too late to change my dress.

The dudes at our table.

Credit to RCSI Photography Society
Half of our journey in becoming a doctor. In Sha Allah.

The starter. 

I'm going to miss these smiles. Oh~

Our class president.

"Hey, I'm so sad you will be leaving. Let's take photo together."
"Dude, I'm not leaving. I have another 2.5 years with you. You got a wrong person!"
"Never mind, let's take picture."


Muka-muka yang kena tinggal. We are going to stay here for another half of the journey.

Honestly, I shed some tears when I looked at these pictures. There will be less people at the back of the lecture hall, less familiar faces on bus, no more stupid jokes from the guys and everything wouldn't be the same anymore. Things will change, right? Perhaps, the next time I see them, they might be someone's husband or wife or maybe a mother of 2. I do hope I can see them again at the end of this journey in becoming a doctor soon.

I just don't want to think how my life would be without this girl here with me in Dublin. I might sound so dramatic here but she's not only a friend but also a sister to me. She knows me inside out. I would marry her if I can but you know, I'm straight.

My little family here. We fight, we laugh, we love, we live.

Stars of my life and people I love

 Cannot do this anymore after this.

Saying goodbye is nothing. It's the time we spent together that matters. I'm not going to slip them away from my life. People come and go but not these people. 

Credit to Aiman.
The rest of us who are going to stay for another 2.5 years here in Dublin.

In case, some of you guys who are leaving to Penang are reading this, I just want you to know that having you guys here for 2.5 years is one of those memories that I will never forget. People said, it's not easy to be a medical student but having good friends around definitely will make things easier. I'm not good in saying hello. Once I said hello, it's very hard for me to say goodbye. Goodbye may seem forever and farewell is like the end but in my heart, you guys will always be.

Ok, I wanna cry now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Day 6 : From where you live or your country

Hazelnut Old Town White Coffee 3 in 1.
I brought this from Malaysia with other 3 in 1 drink like Neslo which I couldn't find here in Dublin. 
God, I love the smell of hot coffee particularly this coffee. Hmmmm...

It is snowing now in some parts of UK. I hope Dublin stays strong. No snow,pleaseeeee!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Day 5 : Look up

I literally looked up in this picture. This picture was taken by Syamim in Portugal last winter.
 It was an amazing winter trip. Oh~ I miss traveling so much! I miss staying in nice hotels, trying local food, and exploring new places.T__T

 My blog was 'infected' by some kind of internet 'virus' last night. I didn't notice it until I got a few private messages on facebook asking about my blog. When it comes to computer thingy with virus,malware and so on, I'm the dumbest. I just don't speak computer language. In medicine, if you have mild viral infection, it is usually self-limiting ( I'm not talking about HIV!). Apparently, it doesn't work that way in computer. Now, I have an anti-viral agent all the way from Malaysia. Terbaik punya! See, bimbo gila. Tak reti-reti nak buat sendiri. puii!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Day 4 : Black and White

My attires to the hospital today. Black and white!
White and black polka dots tops, white shawls, black pants and black handbag. Black and white!

I don't know about other girls ( guys also can laa), but I always have what-to-wear problem. Every single morning. -.-' I love my first year here because I didn't have to think what to wear before I went to class. Jeans, a t-shirt, shawl, sneakers and I'm good to go. Now, since I spend half of my day in the hospital, I can't no longer wear jeans or sneakers. They said, professionalism. Yeah, whatever, right?  Only 'skema' looking attires are allowed. On the second thought, I love loose tops because it looks good on me more sopan and professional. I even wear tops or those 'skema' looking blouse with jeans whenever I go out with friends here and in Malaysia ( yes, I do have life other than my hospital's life). 

Farewell dinner is coming soon. Oh, it's this Friday actually, and I have that what-to-wear problem now.
Dress, but what colour? Heels, but what kind of heels? Which shawls? How about clutch bag?


Monday, December 3, 2012


Day 3 : Something you held

It says something you held,right? Not something you are holding. Ok, adios!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanks to my dear Nisa in Paris! PEACE.

I forgot I have a friend in Paris. Chill, Nisa! She called me using her France's number at 4 a.m ( things always happen at 4 a.m. Oh why?) and she was talking in French. It was not my fault to hang up on you, ok?  It's 4 a.m and i thought she must be one of those drunk people on Saturday night. She called me again half an hour later screaming to my ears in bahasa kelantan and trust me no one wants to know what she said. -,-'

"I love the pictures in your blog."
"yeah.yeah..oh thanks. It's 4:30 a.m! Sleep la!"
"I'm having some trouble with my sleep lately."
"Get some hot milk or something not calling me la aiyo..!"
"Check your phone. I'm sending you something. I know you are good at it."

She sent me this. It takes an effort to transfer this picture to my laptop from my cap ayam phone and post it on my blog early in the morning. This is for you Nisa ( I want to go to Paris and dinner at the restaurant on Eiffel tower. Your pay!).

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Well, I love it ( i said these 3 words too much lately, didn't I?). So, yesh I'll do it. I missed the first one.

here it goes for the second one. PEACE.


Nothing can beat the peaceful feeling when you are reciting Quran.

p.s: i guess everyone can see my camera reflection on my window. -.-'

Saturday, December 1, 2012


At 4 a.m this morning I woke up to  my whatsapp's ringing tone. It's so funny how my brain response to certain things, recently. I can sleep so well when my alarm ringing but I will easily wake up to my phone's vibration. Anyway, that's not my point writing this entry. So, yeah it was 4 a.m. I slept too early the night before and of course so many things that need to be done in my to-do-list were not done. 
Things like: 
  • changing bed sheet and duvet cover, 
  • vacuum bilik, 
  • susun nota,
  •  lipat baju, 
  • study Prof. M's lectures ( because I haven't touched his lecture notes yet) 
  • edit group project.

I told myself if I can complete all these things before 8, I'll reward myself by err... shopping (look, I haven't shop since September. I need to update my wardrobe too. So, don't judge me).

I managed to do all the tasks before 8 except Prof M's lectures. Dude, you make it hard on purpose or what?  -.-'

I went out anyway. Luckily, Christmas sales were everywhere. Love it! 

This man has such a lovely voice. @_@

 Christmas carol. 

Hasil buruan. 

As usual, my fashion police and his guitar.

"Do you need to send them for dry cleaning soon?"

His first question before his other hundreds questions. I don't know why he is so obsessed with dry cleaning. I think because he can see his future now. Dry cleaning bills. haha.

p.s: just read Dr. Harlina's blog and she said, as a medical student, live your life to the fullest but you must know your responsibilities and limitations.  "I’m not the brightest.. or the most genius.. But my girlfriends and I.. we had fun!"  so,yeah..