Saturday, March 17, 2012

thick and thin

last night was a long night. one of us was hospitalized last night. it was quite dramatic with an ambulance ride at 12 a.m and all those drunk people at A&E. at 4.00 a.m,

"hey guys, i'm here. i brought a blanket, some fruits and cookies. and oh my iPad too."

he came.

"eh suka hati la.i want to be here. a friend indeed is a friend in need, what?"

so, suddenly a long night turned to a mini picnic at A&E.


kalau ada tempat yang lagi bawah dari lantai rumah, i feel like lying on that all day long doing nothing, not even thinking. all emotions are being compressed in a sac that will burst in no time. anger, sadness, helplessness, weariness. Allah knows best. when family is too far for a hug and comfort, friends become family. true friends.

orang kata setiap perkara berlaku ada hikmah.dalam banyak-banyak benda beraku sekarang,  at least i can stop blaming myself now. i mean, at least.

but for now, lantai rumah is good  to put face and chest on.

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