Monday, March 26, 2012

3 TA

3 TA yang buat orang jadi bodoh.nampak bodoh. bertindak dengan bodoh.

1. takhTA

i don't give a damn how rich you are, whatever title you have. seriously man, you are so funny. i respect you as another living soul on earth but not because your takhTA or harTA. i will respect you more if you have knowledge and a good heart but.. ahh.

p.s: all the speakers for our medical symposium are going back to Malaysia today. 3 people that inspire me a lot. 3 people that i really look up to. can't wait to go back to Malaysia and meet them again for our next project.inshaallah. world need more people like them. doctors beyond the horizon.

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en.wonderwall said...

awat emo-emo ni? meh habaq mai sket meh.