Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh,hello world!

semua orang pakai baju tidur pergi serang rumah nabilah. happy birthday, darl. you're 22 now!

Blue birthday party!

girls day out. eye bag and cyanotic lips.what to do..

sushi!!! here's the deal ; you pay 20 euro, you can eat anything on the belt in 2 hours. so, we ate like zombies.

anything! (i mean yang halal laa)

see, all those plates. no, actually we ate a lot more.

"aisyah, finish that first!" said Shanaz.

" i want dorayaki!"

chocolate overload.

and yeah..upacara ambil gambar sendiri. 0.o


after 2 hours. waiter datang ambil plates 10 kali sebab penuh sangat meja. we are dragons!

what a good weekend.alhamdulillah. tomorrow, class at 8 a.m. emmm...we deserve that, i guess. hello, gloomy monday!

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en.wonderwall said...

selamat hari tua shelly n nabiela!