Thursday, March 15, 2012


"oh, come on. you don't have to go there."
"why?i'm helping you."
"no, you are not. you go to the only place i feel secure."
"tell me more about it."
"haha. you are good.come on,i covered this kind of psychology tell-me-more-about-it topic during my first year."
"i know. that's better. so, you know about it. tell me more about you secret territory."
"it's a secret territory, don't you think it is supposed to be a secret?"
"see, told you, i'm fine."
"no, you are not. but it's good to know you can tell people about your feeling now. "
"no. i'm not going to do that again. it drags my emotion down."
"oh my God. you are good,huh?no, let's have a silent moment until my session is over."
"i'm here for a reason."
"have a nice your hair,anyway. just like my dad's hair"
"humor is good."
"haha. it's not a joke but really, have a nice day."

anddd i heard, "twisted." sayup-sayup.

one of those know.

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