Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I'm a type of person selagi boleh masak kat rumah, I masak. Luckily, my husband loves home-cooked food (or he is obligated to love my food) and it is very easy to feed this one. I'm very particular what food i put into my mouth and my husband's. I'm becoming more and more like my mother (she is everything about healthy and organic food). I remembered the first time I went groceries shopping with my husband after we got married. He load up our trolley with so many junk food and frozen food which they will never and ever be in my groceries list. The way I was brought up in my family, groceries mean REAL FOOD. Veggies, eggs, salad, rice, olive oil, fruits and more fruits. Our snacks are fruits. I told my husband I want real food and all those junk food, carbonated drinks, 3 in 1, chocolates, potato chips are not allowed in my kitchen. No wonder why some people complain our food's prices are expensive. If you just choose to buy real food only, you can really make a difference about your groceries budget, I tell you. 

Slowly, my husband can adapt to how I prepare our food to one point it annoys me sometimes when he ask, only protein today? Where are my veggies? -.-'  He even starts to eat fruit for snack and searching for fruits in the fridge after we eat our mean meal. No more potato chips while watching Modern Family. Pheww. 

Anyway, my due date is approaching and then im gonna start to work soon. I'm afraid that I'm not going to have time to prepare food for my husband. I'm right now starting to make a list on what to cook and planning to cook for one week stock snd just put them in our freezer. When he wants to eat, he just need to heat up the food. We don't own a microwave, by the way (just another way to avoid eating fast or ready made food but now I'm thinking to get one just to make my life easier). Oh yeah, I'll go to that level just to make sure my family will eat good food that I cook. I've talked to many of mommydoctors or wifeydoctors who are still able to cook for their family despite of having crazy schedule at work. All of them said the same thing, time management. If they can do that, I can too, right? 

Ps: I watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan last night. I'm not a Bollywood fan, I dont ever  finished watching Khabi Khushi Khabi Gam, to be honest. This movie is different. Not clichè at all. It puts Dilwale straight into the drain. Sorry to all Dilwale's fans here, I think there is nothing special about the movie. I watched Dilwale with my husband for only 10 minutes and both of us went 'eeuwwww' and decided that movie is not for us (their songs are catchy, though).

Just random photos of home-cooked food

Nasi lemak. Not so healthy this one but I  used less santan to prepare the rice.

Roast chicken with bread stuffing. Do not need to eat with the rice as bread will serve as carb.

Butterhead is my favourite. Butterhead salad with pomegranate.

Jacket potatoes with carrot and cheese.

Peri-peri chicken and grilled beef with air-fried homemade spicy potatoe wedges.
(Air fryer is my fav kitchen gadget so far. It makes my life easier and healthier) 

Butter chicken.

Portugese grilled fish.