Saturday, January 9, 2016

BBQ night, baby shower and nephews

Last week we hosted a new year barbecue party/baby shower/family gathering at our place. It is very hard to get my siblings to be under one roof since everyone is busy working or studying. So, we chose 1st January to gather since it is a public holiday and since I'm very pregnant and tired all the times, we decided to do it at our place. It was more like potluck where I prepared the chicken and others brought prawns, fish, baked potatoes (apparently my brother is sooo good in making baked potatoes with cheese and whatever cream he stuffed inside) etc. While all the guys were busy barbecue-ing outside, we, the girls were busy talking about labor stories. Both of my sister and sisters-in-law are gifts from God. Seriously, I don't get why some people can be so mean to their sisters-in-law. I got so many presents like baby clothes from my sister-in-law and my sister even gave me a full set of breast pump which to be honest, the 'scariest' thing for me and my husband to buy. We don't know which one is good and only God knows how many types of breast pumps there are. Plus, it is very expensive! Getting a full set of good brand breast pump is really a GIFT. While we were busy talking about baby stuff, my 4 year-old nephew came to me and ask, 

"What is inside your belly, Aunty Billa?"
"A baby."

He looked at me without saying anything as if I was lying to him. Then, he continued watching Minions movie on my laptop. A few minutes after that, he came to my sister-in-law and asked,

"Mommy, what is inside Aunty Billa's tummy?"
"A baby girl."
"Did she eat it?"
"But you said not all fat people have baby inside their tummy."

Just because his mommy used to tell him that it's rude to go and rub random people's tummy(he used to do that) because not everyone with big tummy is pregnant .

Later, when he found out that I'm really pregnant and not just another fat lady, he came and talked to my baby. It was so cute. 

"Hi baby. Ni abang Iqi. Baby gigirl, abang Iqi boboy."

We only have a few girls in our family. So, when everyone in my family knows that we are expecting a girl, everyone is excited. Too excited to one point, my sister keeps texting me to know if I'm already in labour or not. -.-'

p/s: I already started to get false contraction and it hurts like crazy. Please pray for my uneventful pregnancy and easy labour.