Sunday, December 28, 2014

light writing 4 - of food hunting and sunset

I don't know about other people but when it comes to food I choose quality over quantity. I'm a type of person who prefer to cook my own food (I blame my mom and currently, my husband for making me become such a dapur type of person ), so if I want to eat outside I prefer to eat in nice restaurants that serve nice food. Most of the times, my choice of restaurants will be rejected by my friends because 'it's too classy' or 'it's too expensive'. So yeah, most of the time I'll end up eating home-cook nasi goreng kampung with cili potong at home. When a friend of mine who also goes for quality food rather than quantity ask me to go for food hunting in Dublin, I can't say no!  She made a last minute plan to come to Dublin instead of London just to eat!

Our first restaurant was Deep Restaurant in Howth. Howth is located around 20 minutes away from Dublin city itself by train. It is a actually a fishing and port village where you can eat selections of fresh seafood and go for a beautiful walk up to the top of the hill for a scenic panorama of beach and mountains.

Well, not the best seafood plater I have had but, not too bad. 

What is it about sunset that makes people feel so romantic and sometimes...melancholic?

He was like, "I just wanna chill here,man..."

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