Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm a worried wife

And it was said: O earth, swallow down your water, and O cloud, clear away; and the water was made to abate and the affair was decided, and the ark rested on the Judi, and it was said: Away with the unjust people.

"Happy birthday, suami!"
"Thank you so much."
"This must be your most memorable birthday ever!"
"Yeah I got to celebrate with 300 other people and I'm practically staying in a mosque! What not to love.."

He sounds fine even though he is practically staying in a mosque with 300 other flood victims in Pahang. He asked me to stop worrying because everything is under controlled. He get to know different kinds of people from different background, he told me. Meanwhile, in Dublin, I cannot stop crying and freaking out in my room alone with freezing weather outside. I'm a very anxious person especially when it comes to safety of the people I love. I guess I'm becoming more like my mom (well, good luck to my kids). The day, he decided to go back to Kerteh ( oh please laaa to all oil and gas companies, can you please stop sending your engineers to the site until the flood subsides?) , I told him to stay in KL and wait until the flood subsides but he said, " You are just a worried wife. I'll be fine." I bet you are right,my dear husband! 
I'm more worried when my biggest nightmare came true. He is stranded in Jengka, Pahang now due to the massive flood. Guys out there, please listen to your wife. We, women have sixth sense! Put the joke aside, when you love someone so much, it hurts freaking much when you can't do anything to help them other than keep praying for their safety.  

Dear suami, like you said, 'ini mungkin kesusahan sebelum kemudahan. Allah wants me to be in His house. I get to pray jamaah and help people here. There must be a hikmah for all of this.' 

Happy Birthday, my wonderwall.

p.s : please include all the flood victims in your prayer. Pray for pantai timur. 

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