Wednesday, December 10, 2014

light writing 3 - Iceland

 Last week was the busiest week I had so far in my final year. Well, I dont want to complain much about it since I'm right now in the first step of my shrink's 'project' to 'convert' me to be an optimist. He said, the first step is to stop complaining. I can't believe I'm going to agree with him with this but I do feel different.  I currently attach to a surgical team in one of the hospitals here that require me to travel very early in the morning and get home very late in the evening. Ok, not complaining about it now but to be frank, it was a bit stressful since I have to take 2 buses and 15 minutes walk in cold and dark and the surgeons always late for tutorials or wardround. But then, I promise to myself to stop being a whiny baby. Wake up everyday and decide not to complain about a single thing and I think I'm doing great with my shrink's so-call 'optimist conversion project'. To reward myself, I went to Iceland with my in-laws. Yes, it was just an excuse to go to Iceland. Anyway, even in Iceland, I tried not to complain about anything. My mantra was 'it's okay Nabilah Aisyah, don't be a whiny baby!' And wolllla, I had an awesome weekend and feel so much better. Now, I'm moving to the second phase, facilitate joy. Well, can't really tell much about that since I'm still trying to understand it. I'll write about it once I get to the third phase. Let's wait and see. 

These are some photos that I captured in Iceland . 


Anonymous said...

hi. cool pictures. what camera are you using, if it's cool for you to share?

NA said...

hi. thanks. i'm using olympus pen e-pl5.

Anonymous said...

I think i know your father in law. He used to be one of my interviewers. Hahaha

cikgu hazirah said...

cikgu masih ingat trip kita pergi taman negara for our photography club. you shot a bunch of nice pictures there. i'm happy you still love photography walaupun dah nak jadi doktor.

love from malaysia.