Monday, December 2, 2013

A small village

After 7 weeks of Obs and Gynae rotation ,(and I love it so much) now I'm in my 5th week of GP rotation. Man, time flies so fast! I have so much fun in both of my rotations so far. In Obs and Gynae, everyone is always rushing and so busy like no one takes the chill pills. For GP you can sit down and organize you thought because it involves more patient-doctor relationship, explore patients' emotions and oh Lord, you encounter ethical dilemma for almost everyday. For me GP rotation is not too bad actually especially when I have the best GP tutor ever! He deserves another entry, another day. haha. However, I'm still very much in love with Obs and Gynae even my GP tutor notices that I look so happy everytime I see pregnant patients in practice (or clinic or whatever you call it).

Well, now I'm in a small village in county Wicklow for my rural GP attachment and thank God they give me a nice hotel room to stay because being away from Malaysia is hard enough, now I have to be away from Dublin for 2 weeks alone and a crappy room is the last thing I want. Call me mengada or anything. At this point, I don't mind dah. 

backpack harus matching dengan seluar

While I'm writing this, I'm actually watching Friends at 2.48 a.m. Oh my life.

p.s : I heard about only-female-doctors-are-allowed-in-labour-room petition that people sent to KKM. For me, whoever sent the petition, they are insulting all doctors especially obstetricians and gynaecologist. Frankly, it is a stupid petition. Yes, as a patient, you have the autonomy right to choose your doctor but to what extent you want to risk your life and your innocent baby just because you don't want a male doctor to examine you? 

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