Sunday, December 8, 2013

A random post about travelling alone and I'm not on holiday now.

When people ask why do I love to travel, I will say  I get 'high' whenever I'm in a foreign city with a map in my hands and the only people I know there is myself (no, I don't do drugs not even when I was in Amsterdam. God, no. The weeds brownies looked so tempting, though) I don't know about other people but for me, travelling makes me feel like 'hey, I'm living my life!' and of course it gives me life lessons.

Last spring, I went to Budapest alone and you know, you have one of those days when you are 'stupider' than other days, no? So, 'one of those days' was the day when I was in Budapest. I lost my map and I could not find my way back to the hotel after I went to see the Chain Bridge ( the bridge that connects Buda and Pest and, surprise,surprise they named the city as Budapest). After asking a few people who refused to speak in English, I decided to sit at one corner in a gift shop and cried. -.-' Then, a homeless guy came to me, "Why are you crying, little lady?" He spoke in English better than anyone else in Budapest that time, I swear to God!! It was so irony because my friends keep warning me to be very careful with the homeless people and gypsy group there but one of them actually directed me to my hotel. So, the life's lesson from this, whenever you are lost, pick a corner and cry. No, I'm kidding. Don't cry! It shows that you are weak and you are inviting bad people. I was just so lucky that time . The second lesson is, like our grandmothers always say, don't judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, 'the help' comes from the unexpected sources. You just need to keep asking.

Anyway, right now, I'm still at the same hotel as last week for my GP rotation but in a different room. They give me a honeymoon suite this time. My medschool always knows how to make me feel like a loser. A honeymoon suite for a single lady? This is just so sad, man. I'm not here for holiday like some people on my instagram  think. I'm at the clinic from 9-5 everyday learning my bum off to be a friendly doctor (which i'm not. Yet). When I was in Kilkenny for my Obs and Gynae rotation, my mom called me when my brother showed her my instagram photo of my room in Kilkenny. She thought that I went to travel alone again to some random towns in France. You need to take the chill pills, mom.

My room for this week.

Gosh, this looks so..i don't know..lonely?

This was in Kilkenny for my OnG rotation. Cute and very homey. 

In Kilkenny too. 

Oh well, have a good Monday, guys. As for me, Monday means baby vaccinations. Dear babies, please don't cry. Life, as you grow up, is more painful than your vaccines injections.

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Anonymous said...

in med ,O&G is stands for Obs and Gynae . in my scope O&G is stands for oil and gas . bit confused on your caption . haha .