Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I have been thinking of shutting down this blog since my life now is not so tragic anymore and it is more like a routine now. Yeah, it is kinda depressing when we think our life as a routine. I wake up every morning, Subuh, go to hospital or clinic from 8 or 9 (if I'm lucky)  until 5 or 6 p.m and go home to eat, study, sleep and whatnot. No wonder people say medic is a lifestyle. 

Some of my friends think my life only revolves between travelling and nice cafes. They obviously have no idea about the part of my life that revolves between grumpy patients, cranky doctors ,competitive colleagues and exams. Never underestimate other people's hardship just because they look happy on Instagram. There are thousands of trees in a forest but no two leaves are alike and no journeys along the same path are alike. We all have our own hardships but some people decide to be positive and look happy in front of other people. 
Well, I think life is hectic. No, life is hard but passion and patience will get me through it. At least, that is how I want to think whenever life gives me so many lemons. 

Anyway, I was planning to go to Copenhagen from Edinburgh but something has stopped me from going there. Maybe not this time (pujuk diri sendiri T__T ) I ended up going somewhere else that brought me closer to nature instead of magnificent buildings, cultures, food and people. Beach, cliff, rocks are my kind of antidepressant pills for now.

My no-filter photos :

This was after spending 5 minutes on top of the cliff and looking down at the sea below. I'm a person who can pass out because of the height. So 5 minutes on cliff is a big deal for me and please don't ever ask me if want to do skydiving or bungee jumping in New Zealand. Never! You can leave me alone in Papua New Guinea, I won't pass out but height? No way. 

Have a good day people and don't stress!


Anonymous said...

can I ask, how old are you? which medical school are you studying now? are you a malaysian? how often do you go travel? is it safe to travel alone around europe?

sorry for asking you so many questions. great pictures. you are pretty too. :)

NA said...

hi. i'm 23. i'm studying in one the med schools in dublin,ireland. i travel once or twice in a year. it is safe to travel alone here as long as you know how to take care of yourself. :)


Anonymous said...

honey, love your fashion sense!

your maid of honor =p

NA said...

thank you, babe. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above. I love your fashion sense, sis. :)

areeplogue said...

Cantik. Macam Zahariz punya cycling route.