Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to my cafe.

Since I love to hang out at cafe so much and the food there is not free, I try to save money by cooking my favorite cafe-ish food. Plus, Syamim is no longer here to eat tuna melt and drink chai latte with me for breakfast.

Homemade crepe tuna melt. I know the crepe looks a bit weird but that doesn't affect the taste.heh.

Homemade pancakes with vanilla ice cream and you have no idea how hard for me to make nice,fluffy,round pancakes like that. It usually end up as lempeng.  -.-'

Spicy tuna sushi sandwich roll.

My masterpiece. heh. Buttered mushroom with mozzarella cheese and salad. 

I start to be creative with my drinks too. Just had my homemade vanilla chai latte ( got the recipe from someone) and also green tea latte for supper.

Now, I can't sleep. -.-'

p.s: just booked flight tickets and hotel in Amsterdam and Budapest. I'm going to travel alone this time. Wish me luck! 


cahaya kemuliaanku said...

seriously, alone?? how many days? that one of my i-will-do-it-someday list. haha

NA said...

yup.just booked everything.doakan. i'll update later how it goes. :)