Saturday, February 2, 2013

My love story

Well, if you are expecting a romantic, sweet love story, you can click the 'x' button and close this tab. I'm just going to write my love story with coffee now. For those who are not interested you can close this tab. Bye-bye. 

So yeah, I'm a big fan of coffee. Not the black one or espresso,though. I enjoy my long term 'relationship' with Mocha and once a while I have a 'scandal' with green tea and 'fling' with hot chocolate during winter. Since Dublin (and I bet all the European countries) has many nice cafes, I always prefer to study at any random cafes during weekend especially during my first and second year here. Apparently, Syamim and Shanaz have the same 'hobby' like me. We love cafes here. Now, I'm confuse. Do I actually love coffee or cafe eh? 0.o

These are among the cafes in Dublin and European countries that I've been before:

Queen of Tart Cafe. They have the best carrot cake in town. I love how they decorate the cafe. So vintage and Paris-ish.

We  went there last Friday for our evening tea ( I had coffee,though ).

Latte from The Humble Bean Cafe in Aungier Street, Dublin 2. It is 2 doors away from my previous apartment. 

Mocha from Metro Cafe at William Street,Dublin 2. I love their tuna melt too.

This strawberry tart from Laduree Cafe in Paris. Usually, people go there for their macaroons but I had this because this was the cheapest in the menu (still, it was 6 euro for a small piece of tart.pftttt)

The most expensive cafe I've ever been. (Paris. What do you expect? ) -.-'

Ah, nothing can beat 1 euro coffee at Balem, Lisbon. We sipped our coffee while enjoying the view. 

The Majestic Cafe in Porto, Portugal.

People still go there at night.

I had this at the cafe. Americano coffee with vanilla ice-cream. I was supposed to wait for the ice-cream to melt into the coffee but life is too short for that. I just ate the ice-cream and drink the coffee simultaneously. 

One of the cafes at Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden.


Still in Stockholm.

 I can't remember the name of this cafe but I had these in Berlin.

Near the Neuschwanstein Castle,Barvaria, Germany.

At home, hazelnut old town coffee is my favorite. I brought a few packets all the way from Malaysia because I couldn't find it in Dublin before. Recently, I found it at Asian Market. I literally jumped at the shop like a crazy woman. Sigh. That was embarrassing. I really hope they have  Neslo 3 in 1 too.

At home. Still in love.

P.s: Don't worry. I only eat desserts that are suitable for vegetarian and no alcohol added. For those who are planning to come to Dublin and chilling out at any nice cafes here, please do not order Irish coffee since they put liquor. Not all cafe have Irish coffee, though.  


reader said...

hi. you can be so funny.
it seems like you have a good life there.
By the way, can you give some tips to travel around europe like budget, accommodation,food etc.


NA said...

hi. a good life? I have my ups and downs here. I'll try to write an entry about travelling in europe but mind you, i'm not good in giving tips.heh.

cahaya kemuliaanku said...

wehhhhhh. ingt aku sorg je dok gilerkn kopi2 ala vintage nih. sobs. tp, bila baca entry ni, i realize 1 thing. tOo obses with coffee n deco, smpaikan i forgot to snap any foto.. T_T makanya; amat jeles di sini. sekian.

NA said...

datang la dublin ezackkk! nanti kita pergi cafe2 yang vintage and guess what, we have vintage market here!

cahaya kemuliaanku said...

aaaaa.... nakkkkk. xpenah round ireland agggg. -unbelievable... =,="

NA said...

you are coming to dublin or not, i'm still going to your place this March. I have one month break in March. heeeee.can ah?