Thursday, February 21, 2013

A bittersweet goodbye

Whenever someone is leaving, I always think I have to start all over again. You know, adapting after the loss. I feel like some part of me is leaving with them. Okay, that might sounds pretty dramatic. Let's just say,I'm not good in saying goodbye. I hate watching people walk away from me. No matter how hard you try to make 'leaving' looks like a positive thing, you can't change the fact that things won't be the same once people leave. People change all the times. Leaving is hard but losing is even harder.

Well, put the sad part aside. *lap hingus sat*

I tried to spend as much time as I could with Shanaz and Syamim before they left for good. A few days before Shanaz went back, we went to our favorite place to eat cakes and reminiscing our 2.5 years memories like an old couple trying to remember things happened in their 40 years marriage. -.-'

"Hey remember how we surprised you on your first birthday here in Ireland?"
"Oh yeah, we went to Korean barbecue and we walked in cold to my place."
"That was so cold and we had sleepover at your place. The next morning all of us were so excited watching snow from your window."
"Our first snow in Dublin and you made us pancakes. No, lempeng."
"Yes... our first and worst snow ever."
" is a sweet memory."

 Our last date in Dublin.

Then, we went to vintage market together.

My pretty Shanaz.

Since the boys started their clinical rotation at different hospitals (while me and Nabilah are having 'fun' with our research which requires us to be in hospital twice a week only!) it's very hard to gather 6 of us until last weekend. We went to Accent Cafe which is Syamim's favorite place to get Chai Latte. 

People with  Iphone, Ipad or whatnot. 

People with food as their gadgets.

As long as we have our food, we are good. We don't need instagram,right ,babe?

We kept talking until a waiter asked us to leave. Then, we decided to have milkshake at Eddie's Rocket because they need more pictures for their instagram. No, just joking. heh.

We had so much fun that night.

"Remember how we drove in Portugal?"
"One time in Porto we almost got hit by a tram.Hahaha!"
"uh-uh remember when we missed our flight to Germany?
"Aisyah asked me to be her maid of honor in Brussels's HardRock Cafe.Boleh tak??Of all the places?
(haha. I did ask her to be my maid of honor in Hard Rock Cafe. ok,what?)

Remember this..remember that... until 1 a.m.

I never realized we had so many great crazy stories together. After all, we are not just a bunch of nerds.

The next morning, we had breakfast together at Metro Cafe.

 Regardless her face expression, the food was good. 

Syamim went back today and before boarding, she sent us a text,

"Thank you for everything guys. It all started with initiative to have study group. Never knew that would blossom into a beautiful friendship. Don't worry we will meet up as  successful doctors. That time, boleh makan banyak expensive French cuisine without having to swallow any babi.haha. All the best there. Keep in touch. Or....I'll kill you guys."

Ah,that babi part.

Here is something about life. Neither laugh or tears will last forever. 

P.s: I love you both so much! :')


nisa said...

so,can i plan your bridal shower with syamim?? hahahha

Anonymous said...

I love you too! xxxx