Monday, October 1, 2012


My class started today from 9 a.m to 5 a.m with only one hour break. Clinical year, huh? 0.o
So yeah,  I survived my very first day as 3rd year medical student. 6 lectures back to back. Too much for the first day of semester (  I know I had 4 months of summer break before this. So what?). 

So, in order to be a better student (ehem.semangat awal semester), I thought I need a good study table. I bought myself a Micke ( you know la how IKEA loves naming their furniture kan). I was so excited to assemble the desk but it turned out into a disaster. Me and screwdrives can never get along so well. We hate each other and because of that En.Wonderwall stayed up all night in Malaysia just to supervise me with the screwdriver.

Showing him the manual and then trust-me-i'm-an-engineer moment began.

"Ok, first of all, asingkan papan-papan ikut saiz."
"Oh my God, it's so heavy. I give up."

"dude, this is hard. I rather study on the floor."
"Nabilah, take the screwdriver and finish it up!"

"Are you crying??? Babe, come on, it's just a study table."
"I know but this is hard." ( cry)

After I put my the last part of the table,

"Tadaaa. See, you managed to do it la sayang!"
(he tried to cheer me up)

Then my housemate came,

"Aisyah, are sure this is a table?"


I want to put the picture of 'the table' but never mind.
 All I can say is, there's something harder to do than studying medicine. 

Allah gives me such wonderful friends besides a loving fiance ( errrr..?). They came to my house to fix the table. Arif was the 'senior engineer' while Syamim was an annoying 'supervisor' to Arif.  Lol. Ash did the bookshelf or they called it Billy.

Right after we got back from hospital.


Now, I can study and work harder

emmm..lecture notes and those thick books can wait. I need to sleep first.heh.

p.s: it would be nice if you are here. :'(

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faris said...

adik cantik dah tunang. next week my flight pergi london. turun?