Sunday, October 7, 2012

He might let you bend but He won't let you break

Sometimes, people use 'depression' word for something small and silly. They got confused with 'sadness.'  Just 'being sad' and 'depression' are two different things, guys. Don't simply say, 'i'm depressed' ( someone suffers from depression usually denies that they have the problem). I'm telling this because I've been diagnosed with depression not so long ago and it was horrible. I lost 10 kg because of it ( menyesal gila because gaining weight is almost impossible for me because of my genes. Not good at all -.-'). I didn't realize that I had depression until my GP set me an appointment with a shrink. My life was in a mess and by just thinking about that now, my hands are shaking ( or probably it is just the caffeine effect since i  had a cup of coffee just now.heh). Trust me, no one wants to be depressed. I was too carried away with studies and other problems. I kept blaming myself for something which  were not even my fault. I put so much effort to please everyone to which at the end of the day it hurt me back. I love people too much to which at the end of the day, some people can simply hate me, anyway.
Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me a wonderful friend who saved me from those antidepressant pills. I owe her a life, I would say. She keeps reminding me to be a better muslim everyday (until now). Keeps reminding me to forgive, forget and apologize.

I'm writing this because I want to set myself free, forget about the pain and start fresh. 

If you are in a mess, check your Iman. It might be in a mess too.

p.s: tomorrow is Monday. I have lectures s from 9 a.m to 5 p.m and kinda back to back lectures. 


Anonymous said...

Slm wbt.
i've been in that state. it's really horrible.
keep on reminding that only Allah and strong faith in Him could help you get out of the mess.
be sure to please Allah.


NA said...

w'salam wbt.
it is horrible. thank you for your advice. inshaallah.