Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Sunday evening in black and white

If people ask me what do I like other than medicine and travelling? I would say photography. Unluckily, I only can appreciate beautiful pictures but I can't capture one. -.-' 
I bought a new camera in Malaysia. Not a fancy one but just nice to be my travelling 'friend'. Since en. Wonderwall keeps bugging me to go out and have some fun instead of curling up in my duvet for the whole weekend, I think this is time for my 'friend' to go out too. Since today was Sunday and I've been craving for sushi since forever, I went to Yo!Sushi because they have 20 euro deal which you can eat anything on belt (pilih yang halal) as much as your nafsu want in 2 hours. It is always a good offer to me since Japanese food is always my favorite besides my mom's cook. I just ate sushi, Dorayaki, squid salad,deep fried pumpkin,seaweed salad and some vege food that I don't even know their names. 15 plates in total. See, I'm a dragon when it comes to Japanese food (even the waiter can't believe I can finish all of those food, you know.) On the way back home, I went for window shopping and snap a few pictures to test my new 'friend.' Enjoy the pictures and have a good day, guys. ^_^

this is not in black and white because the baby is too cute to be in just black and white.

p.s: Racism. The sh*t that I have to go through again this sem.


Anonymous said...

hey,nice pictures!

NA said...

thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, it doesnt matter what camera you are using, but talent to catch certain moment. you have it, girl.

nice pictures, dublin?

- a photographer-

NA said...

i think i know you! hahahah!
thank you.segan dow!