Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little niece

"life is hard at school,aunty."

She said to me while she's doing her homework. She's 4 years old, by the way.

"well, have you tried med school?"

Last night in masjid, she was running and screaming. I told her to stop. 'Stop' means 'keep doing it' for her.

" i will kiss you and blow you stomach in front of your friends!"

She stopped. Yes,kid. Aunty will do that. -.-'

I woke up this morning with milk all over my hair and my niece was eating her food and she tried to put it on my mouth too. What a good way to wake up. Kids, aunty needs a break.

Dear my brothers and sister, please stop reproducing for a while and just wait for my children,one day,okay?

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