Wednesday, August 29, 2012

growing up

"you can't have everything you want in this world."
"why on earth you think it is always about you?"

These two lines are my mom's favorite lines whenever i ask money to shop. I've been taught to manage my own money since i was in high school. To  get a new pair of jeans, i had to let go fries,teh o ais, keropok lekor or mee goreng during recess time in high school. I had to save my duit poket just to get a pair of jeans. I had to choose between my physical sensation towards food or my physical sensation of desiring a nice pair of jeans. Not easy, you know. That time,Bank Abah and Bank Mama were willing to help provided that i give them 100 reasonable reasons why i need the money . 'I need a pair of new jeans' were not accepted, though.

Things are getting real when i started to study in Dublin. I mean my life is getting real. Even though I've been fully managing my own money since i was 19 ( with monthly allowance from my sponsor. RM100 per month. Man, that was hard!) , I still find it is hard to When my mom told me to act and think like an adult , i said, don't worry i am more than prepared for adulthood. Managing money? Duh, so easy la mama.

but boooo me! house rent, electric bill, internet bill, gas bill, groceries, this bill, that bill and etc. So many bills and apparently, life is expensive. Oh, wow! This is adulthood huh? Now, no Bank Abah or Bank Mama. Everything is on my own. Growing up is the key. It is not only important financially but everything else like how you make your decision, your perception towards people, your friendship, you future plan, your career and a lot more.

Growing up. It is not easy  and some people actually refuse to grow up. i have problem with 'growing up' too. Like seriously, who wants to pay bills? heeeee.
By growing up, you learn that hatred, attention,ego,  handbags(?), dresses(?) can't bring you anywhere. So, let's grow up! (what the...)

Growing up also means pay you own dry cleaning bills or stop buying chiffon and silk tops. aiyoyo..


I just got a wedding invitation card from my babe.

and Pak Abu is the wedding planner. Must go!!

ok, packing now. I hate early morning flight but anything for Pak Abu you,babe!

p.s : "Sometimes, you have to smile and pretend like it never happened. It is not giving up, it is called growing up." 

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