Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i do. do i?

en.wonderwall was in charge of our cupcakes. He 'designed' the decoration on the cupcakes, he called the bakery and pick up the cupcakes from the bakery. Yeah, he did everything. i mean for the cupcakes la( you know what i mean). He was so excited and proud of himself until we realized there'r some 'errors' about the writing on the cupcakes.

"how do people answer to 'will you marry me' question?"
"err.. i do?"
"no. 'yes, i will' laa.."
" 'i do' also can lor.."
"no. it sounds weird! it sounds gelojoh too!"
"it's on your cupcakes. not, awak la yang gelojoh."


A+  for the design, though.

so, how do you answer to 'will you marry me' question?

Thanks Kak Miza for the cupcakes. We love it. :)

Awak,terima kasih.

p.s: i feel so lucky to have a friend who wakes me up for qiam every night. alhamdulillah. i love you,babe! :')

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