Monday, August 27, 2012

crossing things out of the list

i love making lists. I have what-to-do list, where-to-go list, what-to-wear list, what-to-read list and so on. Some of my friends think i have OCD but i'm pretty sure i'm not. My fiance said i'm a hardcore planner.

"We are just going to eat. we don't need a plan."
"dude, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail."

i don't want to fail eating. err.. right?

 So.. yeah, i have my own what-to do or i rather call it what-to-eat list for my summer break this year. 

French toast and honeydew smoothies. They were not in my list, though.

and guess who has the list in his iPhone? A man who called me a hardcore planner.
Eat your own words, dude!

in order to cross 'nasi ulam' out of the list, we went to Kampung Kraf  and suddenly we became tourists in our own place. I mean my place.

"have you been here before?"
"err...who cares? i just want to eat the famous nasi ulam here."
"So, you have never been here before la? At least i'm not from here, you have been to many countries around Europe but ...blaa..bla...bla..."
"ok, whatever. i'm hungry."

Then, he paid 2 ringgit to enter Muzium Kraf so that i know my roots. 

Yeah... i really 'appreciate' your effort. Thanks, honey. 

mesin pengisar tebu pada zaman dahulu kala. 

So jakun la this mamat.aiyoo...

"this is like a field trip or something. i just want to eat!"

and oh, we didn't eat the famous nasi ulam because the restaurant's owner decided to extend his raya holiday.  -_____-' Thanks la uncle!

"hari ni angin mati la dik. layang-layang tak terbang." 
so sad.

We found this at a fruit stall while waiting for our rojak buah. Irony.

we proudly crossed 3 things in the list. muahahahha!

p.s: Selamat Berpuasa 6!

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