Wednesday, January 18, 2012


don't act like you'r perfect either.
because no one is perfect.
hey, you were the one who told me that!

i'm in my shittiest mood ever.
don't try to poke me
it makes my eyes turn red,
my hands in tremor,
want to scream.

no one is perfect.

don't try to poke me.
i'm in my shittiest  mood ever.

you have your own shittiest mood.
don;t try to deny it.
because you are just not perfect.

no one is perfect.
so, don't act like you'r perfect either.
just don't.
you make me feel this nauseous feeling.
i'm in my shittiest mood.

i'm sorry but just don't.

maybe we are just too different.
but we are not perfect.

-nabilah aisyah and her shittiest mood-

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Anonymous said...

Babe,why?and how?