Saturday, January 7, 2012


last year, early October, i had this conversation with my other 2 friends in an Italian restaurant here.

"do you think we can live on space one day?"

"we have ISS what?"

"no, i mean something like a real country up there. you know, having families,facilities, a real community?well, just forget about it. i don't think we can. the living cost will be so high."

"hahaha. i don't know about the living cost, i'll concern more about the radiation."

"i don't know about living on space but i'm thinking something like transferring anything in computer to real world you know as easy as printing without using printer. you just tarik-tarik guna jari je dari laptop letak atas kertas and there goes your lecture notes on paper. tak payah nak bergaduh ngan printer pagi-pagi sebelum pergi kelas."

"wow.maybe in another 10 years.siapa tahu?"

and this morning i watched this video  and wow, we don't need to wait for another 10 years.

nowadays, most of people are manipulated by technology. but this guy....osem.


eh kat mana tadi? oh drug abuse.

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