Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's freaking stressful.

people say money is not everything. i say, yes, you can say that because you buy everything by using your credit card!

people say, don't be stupid worrying about money. i said, yes, you can say that because your dad or your mom  gives you 2000 euro or pound or ringgit every freaking month!

people say, money can't buy everything like you mom's love, your dad's words, you family's warmth, your boyfriend's loyalty. i said, are you sure? because as far as i know, i have to pay my flight ticket to go back to malaysia to my mom's love, my dad's words, my family's warmth and i need money. yeah that freaking money. the money i've been saving every freaking month (and now they are gone just because of the stupid technical error).

so, dear my ticket's agent, 
i just want my money back. my money was deducted twice from my account like i paid double (more than double actually) for the ticket just because of the stupid technical error of your website. you said you will pay me back as soon as possible and it had been almost a week and i'm starving and i need money to buy food. and why don't you answer my call now? i've been calling you since yesterday. i know people say money is not everything, but can you please give my money back? and PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!!

argh! how i wish you can read this.

p.s: rule number one. jangan bercakap mengenai duit dengan orang yang tak pernah rasa betapa susahnya untuk dapat duit. seriously. just don't. or else you want to end the conversation with unpleasant feeling in your chest.like angina. true story

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