Sunday, December 20, 2015

un cafè

Made a visit to Ikea for the last time this year since we still needed to find some stuff for the nursery room. I was targeting this one particular baby changing table for ages but Ikea kinda reluctant to restock it for some reasons (I think because it's too cheap for a good furniture like that). Early this week, I checked online and there were 4 more left in Ikea Cheras. So, we went to Ikea Cheras yesterday but they said the changing table actually out of stock for so long. I was not the first person who asked for that changing table, they said. Well, you should restock them, Ikea. Anyway, we found an alternative which actually cost us less. We found a white chest of 3-drawers that can be used as a changing table as well as baby clothes storage. So, yeay! 

And of course no matter how hard you try to stick to your shopping list, you will end up buying something that was not in your Ikea shopping list. Damn it, Ikea. Why you so practical? Well, it happens to us every time we go to Ikea. When I said us, I mean my husband. He always has something to buy for the garden la, his DIY stuff la,  for his bathroom la (we used different bathroom since I want it to be a dry bathroom and he does not like the idea of having a dry toilet.) This time we passed through outdoor and garden section and he suddenly disappeared.   Then I saw him looking at an outdoor table or garden table or whatever they call it.  

"Sayang you go first. I want to take a bigger trolley. I want to buy this table for our garden."

It was not in our list. I gave him a very specific list and budget. By the way, when he said garden, it means just some grasses and a couple of trees which I'm very pretty sure their leaves should be green not yellowish like that. -.-' 
So, he bought it anyway and now it is inside of our house and becomes our cafe corner. We call it hipsturrr-tepi-tangga cafe, sistur!

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Anonymous said...

i loveeeeee the idea having outdoor, kinda rustic corner in the house. love this babe!