Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mi Casa and Mama

2015 are all about finishing medical school and having my own little ohana at our own casa. My husband loves to call me 'madam of the house'. I hate that at first but being a 'madam of the house' I get to decorate my living room, design my own kitchen and decide what to cook for dinner. What not to love ( husband probably doesn't love this as much as I do since he has to pay for everything heh). Luckily, both of us kinda have similar taste when it comes to interior design. We love minimalist , clean white- Ikea style. To be honest, white is effortlessly pretty for me as I'm terrible at colour-matching my furnitures. Plus, off white makes any small space look spacious, bright and elegant. My mom warned me before that white furniture can ruin my mood very easily as I hate stains. Yes, I do, sadly. There was one time I could not sleep because I noticed a small stain on my white dining chair and my husband reminded me that there will be more stains as we are gonna have a kid soon. Not helping at all -.-'
My friend came to visit me and asked me to give the code name of my couch, the dining table and everything because she wanted to make her living room like mine until I told her how many times I have to wash my cushion cover and clean my dining table and not to mention, my white kitchen cabinet. The struggle is real, woman! She then decided to go for more earthy colour. But, seriously, I rather clean my house than living in gloomy, dark house and everything is not colour-matched. For people who does not afford a professional interior designer and expensive furniture like me, white is the best choice. As for today, after cleaning what need to be cleaned, I light up my candle, sitting on my couch while listening to classic music and read a book. I got my 'white' dose. Don't mind what people say about having white furnitures because it calms me down.

Anyway, my mom was discharged from hospital 2 days ago. Alhamdulillah. We talked on the phone for two hours this morning. She told her experience being warded for one week. My mom was diagnosed with recurrent UTI after 3 days of having high grade fever. She thought it was nothing because she believed it was just 'demam urat'. -.-'. I asked her so many times to go to any clinics as she had a history of UTI before with the same presentation. After 3 days, she was brought straight to A&E and got admitted straight away because she needed IV antibiotics. She was in the ward for 5 days to finish the antibiotics dose and interestingly, she made a lot of friends including doctors, medical student and even radiologist! Over-friendly this one. She said she got all of her doctors' phone numbers and I asked why, and she said it's a secret. My mommy got so many agendas. She also said she is now friends with the radiologist. I asked why she wants to be friend with a radiologist and her answer was, 'manalah tahu nanti nak scan ke MRI bila-bila senang.' I mean... we don't do CT scan and MRI for nothing especially in government hospital. HAHAHA.. as long as she is happy. But really, my mom can make friends wherever she goes. It makes me wonder if it is something in our genes because I'm pretty sure I missed the genes.


Anonymous said...

nice house. where did you get the white lily on your dining table? mind to share?

NA said...

thanks. I got it on