Saturday, October 11, 2014

you are not an angel

For me, the hardest question to answer is "How do you describe yourself?" . I don't even know how to describe myself but one thing that I'm pretty confident to say about myself is I hate when people think they are perfect like God or even when they think they are so much better than other people. You can ask me to wait in cold  for one hour ( mind you,  Dublin is very very windy and raining all the times) but I can't be with 'gedik' people who think they are so perfect and always look down at other people for even just 5 minutes.  It annoys me like hell!

Like seriously!

oh well, we are not perfect...


Anonymous said...

i know this is not the best place to ask this, but i really like you honeymoon pictures. yes, i stalked your fb. and do you mind to tell me the camera's model that u are using now?

Anonymous said...

nak tambah... you are a good photographer too. hehe.ok bye.

NA said...

hi anon,
thank you. i'm not a photographer apatah lagi a 'good photographer'. hahaha. i'm using my bro's dslr sony old model. you cant even find this model anymore. that old.