Friday, October 31, 2014

one awesome day.

The best day in life is when you finally find what your passion is. Today is definitely the best day in my life ( you know, other than getting married bla..bla..bla) because I finally found what I really want to be. Today, my hand was literally inside someone's body.

"Look at that, S!" 
"Is that...?"
"Oh yeah. That's the f***ing tumour!

Argh the best feeling ever. He actually asked me to scrub in because I always show up early and... I have small hands? I dont know what he meant by that.  It reminds me of my surgical attachment that I had during my third year where I got to be the surgeon's first assistant (because there was a major trauma case in A&E that time)in a quite complicated elective orthopaedic case. 

Oh well, I just had the best day today. I totally forgot whatever pain that I have. Surgery is definitely my painkiller. 

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