Saturday, September 21, 2013


There are two types of people when it comes to gadget. First, those people who are so annoyingly obsessed with their own gadgets and need to tell the world what their gadgets can do and how it freaking controls their lives. Second, those people who don't really care whatever gadgets that samseng and rambutan company are selling now. I definitely one of those people in the second group. I don't even know about ios 7 until I accidentally updated it during a ward round. I know some people are complaining it takes them up to 4 hours to update it. Well, it only took one ward round for me.heh.
Recently I just got a new gear from my med school and being me I'm always a noob when it comes to technology. For some reasons getting a new laptop for free is not as excited as getting a new pair of shoes. Bimbo! Heeeee.

"I heard you guys get a Macbook air this year?"
"Oh yeah."
"Is it lion?"
" haaa? No it's a laptop."
and the doctor just walked away. Noob. No, I mean I'm the noob here. I just knew how lion and macbook are actually related. Noob nabilah noob!!!

Anyway, I'm in my obs and gynae rotation which is painfully busy. It is the busiest rotation evahh! I have to be in hospital from 8 or sometimes 7 a.m until 5 or sometimes 7 p.m. During the labour week some of us might need to stay from 7p.m to 7 a.m even on saturday, mind you. ( so kids, think again if you want to be a doctor or not. Tak payah cakap la pasal interns. Lagi teruk) It always makes me wonder why does God create so many diseases to us, women? -.-' From the start of pregnancy we have hyperemesis, heartburn,fatigue or even depression. Towards the end we have pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm premature rupture of membrane to name a few. During labour we have other complications. Not to mention post partum diseases especially post partum haemorrhage. Don't even start about gynaecological problems. 
Well, I think we, women are the strongest creatures that God ever created. We should take pride in that,right, women?

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Well this is how my weekend so far,

Because as a noob one laptop is not enough. -.-' 

And oh I miss Malaysia. 


Leng Chai said...

pe benda lion tu?

NA said...

Morning maw. Mountain lion os x something yada yada yada whatever i dun care. Hahhaa

Anonymous said...

Funny. Lol

Anonymous said...! kak nabilah bila grad?

NA said...

i deserve to be laughed at.

grad 2015 inshaallah. doakan lah. :)