Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beautiful doom.

Everyday while waiting for the bus, I pray silently that I'll get a nice consultant or registrar to shadow during ward round or antenatal care clinic.  A nice doctor who actually teaches me. It is not that I want to be spoon-fed or anything  but at least answer me if I ask them questions. Hello, I'm a medical student here, can you at least introduce me to the patient when they walk into your clinic and not letting me feel awkward and krikk krikkk at one corner in your clinic? Too much to ask? As far as I can remember in my medical ethics lectures, it is the doctor's job to do that,anyway. 

Luckily these past few days I was with this one registrar who really 'pushed' me to a level which I don't even know I can actually do that. 4 hours with him in his antenatal care clinic and 1 hour ward round were my best 5 hours as a medical student so far. I'm not exaggerating.

"Hi, my name is F, and this is S a student doctor here. She is the one who will be answering all your questions today. If you have any questions, do ask her."

Patients did ask me a whole lot of questions. They asked from A to Z about their condition. I was sweating like tuuuttt and Dr.F was just standing in one corner as if he's the student doctor now not me. Sometimes, he gave me signals if my answer was wrong by giving his you-are-so-gonna-fail-you-osce face expression especially when it's related to management.

The last patient was the most difficult one. She was so anxious about her unplanned pregnancy. She asked me if she can choose to do c-section instead of spontaneous vaginal delivery. I was krikkk krikkk for a few minutes and looked at Dr.F for help. He looked at me while giving his you-answer-that-young-lady-or-you-die face. Damn. 

Anyway, thanks Dr.F. You made me think that I actually love medicine. 

Well, not to keep you boring with my obs and gynae story, here are some pictures from one of my favourite place to walk alone in Dublin. Temple Bar.

rasa nak beli semua benda kat kedai ni. 

Burger bakar versi Ireland.heh.

have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

so, how do we manage this patient? finish your story la derrr.

NA said...

it's boring. you dont wanna me. :)

NA said...
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