Sunday, October 25, 2015

Light writing 5 - Berlin (for the second time).

Currently, I'm in the process of doing major throwback in my Instagram account since my poor phone is begging me to delete some of the photos (the silly mistake I made ; transferring photos from my camera to phone). I started my 'throwback' with Prague and someone pointed out (yes, I'm talking about you, Fad) that I should start with Germany since I went to Berlin first before Prague. Who cares? Oh wait Fad cares. hahaha! I had been to Germany before and since I love it so much I wanted to go there again with my husband.
So my Europe trip with my halal boyfriend this time started in Berlin. We flew from Dublin to Berlin Schoenefeld airport with Ryannair (cheapest option, of course) very early in the morning. Then, we took a train to Berlin Hauptbahnhof which is the main train station in Berlin. There are coaches that take you straight from airport to Berlin city but it is much expensive and no, you cannot walk from the airport to Berlin city (in case you are a cheapskate). It took about 20 minutes to hauptbanhof from airport.

We only have one day and a half in Berlin. So, after we found our accommodation, we went straight to the places that my husband already listed out in his mind (?). I'm not gonna write again about the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Tor here. There are all must visit places in Berlin. I'm very happy to write why I love Germany and I dont mind to go there for the thirds or fourth time. First, they have a very strong history, you can't deny that. If you love world war history, you are obligated to come to Germany and take the walking tour. Sometimes, you can even get it for free (not really free it is actually included in your B&B fees). Secondly, it is very easy to commute. If you are not illiterate, you are gonna be just fine to find your way by just using the map. I know in almost all the european countries it is easy to travel but in Germany it is super duper easy especially in Berlin and Munich. My husband was so amazed with their transportation system while I were amazed by Germany guys which bring us to the point number three ; handsome guys are everywhere! Joking but seriously!  Germany people are also very nice, friendly ( not as friendly as Irish) and most importantly very civilised! They also don't mind if you speak in English unlike some people in France ( still could not get over my Paris syndrome). Oh halal food is everywhere too. If you come to Berlin, please try Mustafa Gemuese Kebab. Long que but worth the wait. I went there with my friends but not with my husband since we were rushing. Don't be surprise to find many people waiting their kebab to be served in front of the truck. It was one of the best doner kebab I ever tried. I don't know what else but I just love this country.

If you have a chance to go to Germany but can only spend 2 days and you dont like history as much as I do, I recommend you to go to Munich first.  I could not think any other reasons why you should go to Germany since it is almost 2 am now. My brain is automatically shut off at 2 am.
Anyway, here are some pictures when we were in Berlin for a short time before we went to Prague:

Berlin Wall memorial

Brandenburg Torr

Check Point Charlie

Of course, my cafe hunting! So many great cafe too.


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm going to Berlin next month from london. I'm just wondering where do you stay in berlin and if you can recommend cheap and safe accommodation. i've been looking for B&B and hostels but most of them are quite far from the main station. I'm a girl and going to travel there alone, btw. do you recommend that too?Thank you.
love your style!

NA said...

Hi, we booked our accomm through air bnb. I recommend you to book through hostelworld if you are travelling alone. it is pretty safe to travel alone in Berlin. enjoy your trip!