Friday, October 23, 2015

Light writing 4 - The Cush

It's 1 am in Malaysia now but I just could not put myself to sleep now since my baby is happily kicking like a karate kid inside me. Sometimes, the soft kicks keep me awake the whole night. I can picture my husband and I will have sleepless night after I deliver our little one soon. -.-'

Anyway, my husband keeps asking me to update my blog and write about our europe trip last summer because he already missed europe. Me? I've moved on and really looking forward to plan our next trip, Japan!

2 days before my exam result was announced, we decided to have a road trip and a short stay at a cottage in Oysterhaven which is a small village near Kinsale, Ireland. Kinsale has always been one of my favourite places in Ireland. It is actually a port and fishing town in county Cork. I had been in Kinsale a few times already and I always wanted to bring my husband there for some reasons. So, we decided to drive from Dublin to Kinsale and stay overnight in a lovely cottage in Oysterhaven. I highly recommend this place to any couple who wants to have a short getaway ( you'll get pregnant after spending a night in a romantic cottage here. I'm kidding!). 

Here are some photos,

If you are in Kinsale, you must try their fish and chips. The one that I particularly love is from Fishy Fishy restaurant. The most expensive fish and chips I ever had yet the best! No wonder this restaurant received Michelin Bib gourmand award. Like I mean, not a michelin star but you know...

The Cush. That is our cottage name in Oysterhaven. A magical cottage. :)

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