Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I was wearing my favourite shirt, 
And you were wearing you Superdry t-shirt.
You stroked my hair,
I was staring at the window.
The weather was gloomy, it reminded me of Dublin. 
"What is your dream, sayang?" 
"I wanna be a surgeon."
You laughed reluctantly. 
Silly me.
I should include you in my dream. 
"How do you see yourself in another 7
"A happy wife, a mother of our two children, Zara Sofea and Umar Daniel and surgery is my forte." 

You smiled. 
Like you always do when you see me.
And now I realise your smile is my dream. 

Then we continue to stare at the window. 
It was not so gloomy anymore.


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