Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deadly system.

Dear KKM,

I'm pretty sure you have heard the news about a doctor who just passed away in RTA on her way from Sungai Buloh Hospital to her house after working for 36 hours. Post-call what we call it in case you already forgot. 36 hours! This is not the first case that  doctors driving after endless working hours and end up with tragic accident. Not one but two of my seniors and a good friend of mine also involved in RTA because they are just too damn tired post call. Luckily all of them only suffered minor injuries. I read the news a few times just not to misread the '36 hours' part. How on earth do you think a normal, fit human beings can function as a human not even talking about how to function as a good doctor here. 
It's about time KKM, it's about time. How about the case of a HO found dead in hospital toilet after woking more than 30 hours? Not to mention about those who end up with depression. Make the shift system works already! How many doctors need to die before you can change this deadly system? Do you think doctors are robots? Yet, the seniors still proudly say, 
"During our time, we never complained. We worked 2 days straight." 
"Doctors nowadays ah sooo manja. Cannot do this and that. During our time.."

There is nothing to be proud of with the old system, veterans! 

Doctors have kids, husbands and wives. We have families. Most importantly, we are human who get sleepy, tired and sick. 

Kind regards,
A junior doctor who will be called to work in this deadly system very soon,
a wife 
and a mother-to-be. 

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