Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time is passing so slow now.

So yeah, i finished with my finals. My husband is coming very very soon and now it is time to get rid 'medical stuff' out of my system for awhile. When I said a while i mean until i start working. Me, working? Holly molly sh*t is getting real, isn't it? 

Well, I feel time is passing very slow nowadays compared to the times before my finals. Surprise surprise. Day 1 post-exam i was like " Oh yeah, freedom is mine now! Wohoo!"Then day 4 post exam, it was more like " Oh God, what life is this? I'm bored." I feel weird because before this I feel like I need to be in different places at the same time doing stuff and now, I have nothing to do. So weird. My friend actually said maybe I have adjustment disorder and I need to go to hospital to feel normal again. Oh hello, I said I'm bored, girlfriend, not crazy. Hospital? Puhlizzz! That's the place i want to avoid until I start working again. Inshaallah.

My routine now, wake up every morning, I jog, buy fruits on the way back to make smoothies, do yoga, cook my lunch and dinner, do laundry, read novels, watch movies, skype with my husband if he's free (he's a busy man, you know.puii!) and it is only 3.00 pm! Argh. Today, I tried to sort things out a bit and I found those shoes under my bed. You know, those shoes you only wear once and keep them back in their boxes nice and safe forever. After playing with them for awhile, now i feel tired to continue packing. hahaha. My life now. I know I will regret this once I start working. 

As for now, I want to enjoy my free time. 

Seize the moment. Carpe diem. 

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