Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer love in the air

What's the crack, folks?


Alhamdulillah, I finally graduated ( almost a week now but only now I have time to update my blog) from medical school!! Thanks for all the doa.

As I'm writting this, I'm actually on the train to Salzburg from Vienna. My husband is currently in his dreamland like nobody's business while I just got an email literally 3 minutes ago regarding my conferring ceremony. Terus tak mengantuk. God, 5 years surely has passed quickly. Nayy, I'm kidding. 5 years are actually quite long with tormenting exams back to back and short summer break. Plus, with my long distance relationship with my husband of course I feel 5 years are not too quick. Haha! But seriously, 5 years in medical school had taught me a lot of things, I mean A LOT! Dublin is where I 'grow up' and become a lot more sagacious and all grown up (not really). Ok the next station is Salzburg. I should stop blabbering now. See ya! Have a nice day, folks! 

Love from Salzburg. 

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