Saturday, April 4, 2015

You just killed the fun

I just finished my medicine and surgery papers a few days ago. Fuh it was a really 'fun' week with 3 hour sleep every night, eat-whatever-i-have-in-the-fridge-diet and had breakdown every 2 hours. Super 'healthy', guys. All my plan to gain weight just officially failed. I lost 2 kg in one week just like that to one point i thought I might have cancer or something.Those people who love to complain that they easily gain weight, screw you, people!!! Excuse my language, but seriously, just be grateful and think about people with genetically super high metabolism rate like myself. It is not medically proven yet but I'm gonna publish a medical research about that one day to prove my point to you! I'm kidding, I hate research. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, I just finished my second part of final year exams. I have 2 long cases by the end of this month and Inshaallah I will finish my medical school. Amin.

Andddddd love of my life is gonna be here soon! Ok, that is soo cheesy. But now, I have to finish my 3 weeks of another medical rotation in one of the peripheral hospitals somewhere outside Dublin. Talking about peripheral hospitals, I have a story.

We were in the medical grand round last Wednesday where one of the doctors were presenting about a case of a young woman with recurrent pulmonary infection and was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 40. The patient was in and out hospital due to 'asthmatic attacks'. Me and my friends were looking at each other because it is a bit weird to diagnose 40 something year old patient with asthma. Being in the medical school where most the research about cystic fibrosis ( an inherited disease that primarily affect the lungs, liver and digestive system ) and other lung diseases come from, our brain is 'engineered' to know the perfect list of differential diagnosis for all pulmonary symptoms including the very rare one. So, when the doctor who was the presenter that day asked the audience what could be with this patient, I automatically answered, "Alpha-1-anti trypsin deficiency!" and hoping other members of the floor would shout the same answer but nope I only heard my own voice. Shit!! All the consultants were laughing and they said,  I just killed the fun. It was supposed to be a mysterious case for them. " I was expecting answers like pneumonia, PE, pneumothorax from medical students but obviously you just gave away the answer. You just killed the fun, young lady." Well, in our teaching hospital, this case is quite common and 'no fun'. Young, recurrent pneumonia, heavy smoker or early onset of COPD never forget to check for A1AT deficiency.

For that day, I was known as the medical student who just killed the fun. Fun!

One thing I love about peripheral hospital, our school provide us hotels, apartment or B&B and thus, I'm not gonna miss my breakfast. This is what I have every morning there but my french toast was not ready yet that time. At home, I just have a cup of coffee itu pun kalau sempat.

And this dude? Say hi again to Bently. He is the nicest dog ever! I was in the same B&B last year, and Bently is the B&B's owner pet. He loves to wait for me and my friends in front of the door and greets us every morning before we go to hospital. Good boy! Don't worry he is not allowed to go inside the house. 

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are you from RCSI?