Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Merajuk cikgu yoga I kalau dia tengok gambar ni. Hahaha

In dire need of a long break from hospital and endless study. I want to have a medical-free life. So bad. My friend who just got married 2 weeks ago texted me to ask about my honeymoon. They want to stay at the same place that my husband and I stayed during our honeymoon (because the place is super awesome and not too expensive) I'm too excited to tell her about it and ended up talking to her on skype for one hour . My life is that... well, depressing at the moment. I even got excited talking about other people honeymoon. By just having a thought of holiday, travel and nice hotels can make me happy.and yesterday, i was talking to one of the patients who just got  back from Croatia. He got quite bad right middle lobe pneumonia, but I was like yeah yeah you got pneumonia, how was your vacation? Not good people, not good.

Anyway, final exam part 2 ( oh yeah we have 3 parts of finals) is coming. Doakan please.

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