Saturday, November 8, 2014

light writing 2

another beautiful song from liyana fizi. 

The reason why I ended up having more of my husband's photos in my camera because I don't trust him taking pictures. We always have little argument when I tell him that he doesn't know to capture moments with camera. Oh man, i miss Bali.


Anonymous said...

baru nak tanya kenapa gambar you sikit. hahaha. i remember how ocd you are when it comes to taking pictures. cannot this angle la..exposure tak kena la...tak pandai capture the moment la...haih i miss you la babe..

Anonymous said...

gambar husband you ambil pun not bad jugak actually. #teamhusbandaisyah

NA said...

none of these photos were captured by him. hahahaha. timer or our driver in Bali took it.